Healthy Happy Holidays
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Happy Healthy Holidays with Inspire Joy

There’s something about the holiday season that makes it my favorite time of year.

Maybe it’s because my personal lifestyle motto is “comfort and joy,” but I love how the whole world seems to focus on one shared goal: to live life to the fullest and celebrate love and light.

On the flip side, the holidays can also easily become the most stressful time of year!

Our schedules max out with work, end of year deadlines, parties, events, galas, travel, family obligations, busy busy busy!

We might also start to deal with bigger existential crises like “what am I doing with my life?” and pressure to set New Years resolutions and make next year the "best year everrrrr!"

Advertisements and the media pressure us to buy more, do more, consume more.

And then of course, we put so much pressure on ourselves to keep up with our rigid workout and nutrition regimens, even though let's face it...we don’t want to feel deprived, we love going out, and sometimes we just need a damn glass of wine or two to make it through the week.

With all the pressure and stress coming from all directions. it’s easy to just give up and go into survival mode!


Healthy Happy Holidays Challenge

My mission this season:

to help you find BALANCE and THRIVE

How? By taking away the pressure.

We’ll put healthy habits into auto-pilot so you don’t have to waste time and emotional energy obsessing about your diet, weight, or stressing about making bad choices at parties and falling off the wagon.

Because when you make “healthy” your default, you won’t ever fall off track. You'll automatically fall back to your routine.

You’ll be able to make good decisions that allow you to indulge without over-doing it.

No more all or nothing.

Let’s end the “all or nothing” cycle and find the perfect balance of freedom and structure that works for YOU.

We'll put self-care first so you can have the energy to get everything done.

We won't focus on losing weight or being perfect, because let's be real -- this is NOT the season for that!

And adding a dose of community and sisterhood.

Inspire Joy is a community of women who are committed to putting our mental/physical/spiritual health first. We live all over North America but come together virtually to share encouragement, support, and cheer each other on, not just as we do our fitness challenges but as we navigate the ups and downs of life.

Surround yourself with a group of positive, goal driven women and watch every facet of your life start to elevate.



How do you want to feel?

You deserve to feel healthy, happy, energized, confident, content, and proud of yourself.

And you CAN feel happy and healthy - mentally, physically and emotionally this holiday season.


Let’s end the year strong. Don’t wait until 2019 to discover the best version of yourself -- she’s already here! Take ownership of your life, energy, and happiness.

Healthy Happy Holidays 2017

Are you in?


The Inspire Joy Healthy Happy Holidays Challenge will run December 3rd through December 23rd


  • A 12 month membership to our virtual fitness library, Beachbody On Demand (so you can keep your groove rolling into the new year and beyond!)

  • A real food nutrition plan and workout strategy that's customized to fit YOU.

  • 30 days of a whole food superfood supplement that will boost your energy and immune system and help you manage your sugar cravings!

  • Seasonal recipes and meal plans: think healthy comfort food, crock pot creations, holiday treats, skinny cocktails.

  • Membership in our private Facebook community to share your journey with women on a similar path.

  • 21 days of online support and daily accountability check-ins in our private FB group.


  • How to align your self care routine to your cycle to balance your hormones and feminine energy.

  • Weekly meditations and journal prompts to keep you centered and calm.

  • Access to our fitness tracking app for extra accountability (it’s fun to see your progress!)

  • Our “miracle morning” virtual accountability hangout — we all workout together via a group video chat, for early morning accountability to start your day right!

  • Tips for self-love, balancing the holiday parties and get-togethers, sticking to your goals while traveling, reprioritizing your time to get your sweat sesh and sanity saving “me-time”  in.

  • LIFETIME access to future Inspire Joy challenges and my weekly email check-ins. When you make me your coach, I am yours as long as you need me!


  • Check in every day and enter our weekly giveaway!


  • In honor of our teammate Amanda who will be undergoing a preventative double mastectomy December 3rd, we will collect a group donation to The Breasties, a non-profit that supports young women affected by breast and ovarian cancer.


***Must not be already assigned or working with a Beachbody coach
***18+, US, UK, CAN only