The problem with self care

Did I catch you on that click-baity subject line? ;) I am ALLLLL about self care, so why could there ever be a problem with putting ourselves first?

The problem comes when we start to believe that we don't have time for self care, or that we're too busy to slow down and tune into what we actually need.

Here are a few of the stories I used to tell myself:

"I don't have time to slow down and be present"

"Self care is for women who are less ambitious"

"Putting yourself first is selfish"

"I have too much to do"

"Naps and bubble baths are for lazy people"

"If I take a break I'll lose control and nothing will get done"

"My brain is too busy for yoga and meditation"

I can't believe I used to believe these things!

When you put the voices in your head on paper, they look pretty silly and empty, don't they But that's the thing -- when we keep our limiting beliefs, fears, and excuses trapped inside of us, we don't even realize that we're trapping ourselves.

WHAT IF … you could slow down, unplug, and still be productive?

WHAT IF … you could actually find time in your crazy schedule to do something nice for yourself?

WHAT IF ... you had the motivation to get healthy?

Things I've learned since I started challenging the voices in my head and making self care a priority:

+ Slowing down makes me happier

+ Taking breaks doesn't limit my productivity - in fact, it makes me MORE productive because I'm rested and can focus better

+ I have a lot more fun when I relax and stop being a control freak

+ I still don't love bubble baths and naps...but yoga is my JAM.

+ I am a lot happier and a better wife, friend, and person to be around when I'm not stuck inside my head.

+ Self care is NOT selfish

+ Filling your own cup FIRST lets you show up for everyone else with more energy and a much better attitude.

Your family, friends, and co-workers deserve you at your best, not your most burned out. 

So dare yourself to challenge the excuses in your own head that are holding you back from really going ALL IN for yourself. Flip them by asking "what if?" and just see what happens.

xo Anna