5 tips for staying healthy on vacation

Ben and I both LOVE traveling and experiencing new places together, especially through food and culture, so I thought I'd share some of my tips on staying relatively "healthy" and balanced on vacation!

staying healthy on vacation - 4 tips to feel amazing and vibrant while traveling

Healthy Travel Tips

1. Make a plan in advance and decide what kind of trip this is going to be. Will you try to adhere to your normal routine? Or are you going to give yourself a little flexibility GUILT FREE to indulge in special treats?

2. Take care of yourself while traveling. If my flight isn't too early and I know I'll be sitting for the rest of the day in a plane or car, I'll wake up and squeeze in a quick workout. I also make sure to pack SNACKS!! Because airport food is $$$$ and limited.

My favorite travel snacks:

+ drink a smoothie on the way to the airport

+ pack an empty water bottle to fill up after security

+ apples

+ snack veggies like carrots and snap peas

+ Shakeo Brownie Bites!! THESE ARE A LIFE SAVER

+ nuts and trailmix

+ healthy bars (BeachBars are going to be a new staple)

On the plane, opt for water to stay hydrated. Anything carbonated (even water) will make you extra bloated with the pressure and altitude changes, so be aware! And yeah, I usually eat the plane snacks. Because I can't say no to free snacks.

how to stay active and healthy on vacation.jpg

3. Explore your destination by foot. It's easy to rack up the steps while traveling and exploring a new city. Walk, hike, go out for a run, and soak up your new environment! Don't worry too much about fitting in "workouts," if you're staying active that's all your body really needs.

healthy travel tips - enjoy the local food

4. Eat like a local. Eat as may fresh fruits and veggies as you can, but give yourself some flexibility and ENJOY local treats! When we're in Europe, I eat lots of bread and cheese. In Hawaii it was easy to find fresh food everywhere, but I also had delicious local beer, cookies, and ice cream too.

5. Give yourself grace and live in the moment. Traveling is a chance to fully live life to the fullest and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don't waste your energy stressing about gaining weight or falling off the wagon, and don't immediately feel like you need to jump into a "detox" or reset as soon as you get home. Our bodies are resilient, and if you ease back into your normal routine (maybe with extra veggies and water when you get home), your body will respond. 

I know it might sound basic and obvious, but sometimes the best way to stay healthy and stick to your wellness goals is to KEEP IT SIMPLE and stop making everything super complicated.

Healthy is a way of life, not a number on the scale. And health is not an all-or-nothing thing! Give yourself space to enjoy foods and experiences you normally wouldn't have back at home, guilt free.

Have fun!!