Monthly Goal Setting Journal Prompts

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Every month I host a goal and intention setting workshop for our team, and it’s always my favorite team call.

There’s something really powerful about declaring your intentions and vision for the month ahead. Even if you don’t actually follow through on the plan (because inevitably life happens and curveballs are thrown to distract us!), simply making the plan triggers something in your subconscious mind and things will start to fall into place.

What we focus on becomes our reality!

We’ve been reading The Happiness Advantage this month in our personal development book club (click here to join, it’s free and we pick a new book every month!), which has only been reinforcing this fact to me.

When we focus on being overwhelmed, stressed, and trying to make it through the day, we will feel overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck.

But if we accept the fact that life is always going to be a little overwhelming and stressful, and start focus on the things that we’re grateful for, the things in our control, and the things that are going to make us feel happy and fulfilled… well, can you feel your energy shifting already?

Here are a few of the journal prompts I love visiting each month when I’m ready to set new intentions.

Shout out to my friend and fellow life coach Jen Wille for introducing me to most of these amazing prompts!

You can do this at the beginning of the month, or you could also do it at the beginning of your menstrual cycle if you want to practice “cycle syncing” your life! True fact: when you’re on your period, your hormones and brain chemistry are ideally suited for goal setting, seeing the big picture, and setting intentions! I’ve been getting my period at the beginning of the month lately which has been super convenient haha.

1. What were my wins and victories from last month?

Spend a few minutes brain-dumping everything you can think of, big and small. So often we are only focused at where we’re failing or what’s not going right or how far we are from our goals, so let’s celebrate our wins and remind ourselves we’re making progress too!

2. What do I want to STOP DOING? What do I want to START DOING? What do I want to CONTINUE DOING?

Draw three columns on a new page in your notebook and brainstorm some ideas for these prompts. Then choose your top 3 from each column and focus on those!

3. What do you want your morning routine to look like? Evening routine?

What do you need to do to start and end your days in order to live up to your best self? I like setting a “baseline” of non negotiable things, then adding some bonus ideas too for days where I have extra time.

4. What are your TOP 3 goals for the month?

What would make you incredibly proud to accomplish? Pick 3 and focus on them!

Each week, set Top 3 that will feed into your monthly Top 3.

Every evening, set the Top 3 actions for the next day that will feed into the week’s Top 3.

Get it?

This practice will keep you focused and eliminate distractions and overwhelm.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or what you choose for your daily Top 3, as long as you’re moving forward.

5. What is your “why?”

Re-visit the reason why you’re doing what you do in the first place. Why is achieving these goals important? How will it change your life? Who else will benefit? Where will you be if you DON’T move forward?

Life isn't always about being as productive as possible and achieving allthethings as fast as we can. It's also about enjoying the process, giving ourselves space to grow, and making sure we tune into what's truly important so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor instead of constantly rushing on to the next thing.

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